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Details About PHP Courses PHP, also known as the scripting language on the server side, is used for developing static websites, dynamic web applications and so forth. The acronym, previously known as Personal Home Pages, now stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. All this and much more comes into requirement when one is delving into the world of web applications as well as providing server end support and analyzing scripts at the backend. PHP acts as server scripting language which is in heavy demand since it flaunts several useful properties. It is an open source scripting language that makes it a competent and free alternative to other options like ASP of Microsoft. For such reasons, PHP has become popular and those who are looking to enhance their skills in scripting support for websites and server end language will want to go in for a PHP course. PHP is currently used in the backend of about 244 million websites and web servers that spans 2 million and more. That showcases demand for this language. Those who wish to know or upgrade their know-how in this scripting language will want to take up coaching at a competent institute. There are technical institutes where one can find core as well as advanced PHP education. These span 3 to 6 months duration and comprise of trainers who are experienced and people from relevant industry segment. Many institutes have liaisons and offer the opportunity to work in live software development or web support projects. PHP training – what to look for When a student enrolls for a PHP course in Chandigarh he or she will have relevant skills which will guarantee them ease of fitting job roles that require this expertise. Many institutes offer placement assistance after an advanced course in PHP is undertaken by students. They are guaranteed assistance and they can also gain job experience by participating in live projects. The skill level of students is enhanced as they seek suitable jobs in the industry. With the support of trained faculty members and practical oriented training, such a course can equip skill levels to a certain extent of students who can then add on this skill to acing job interviews and landing appropriate job assignments. Core PHP course This is an extensive course in PHP that covers several modules with a focus on different topics such as:
  • Introduction to Dreamweaver.
  • Introduction to HTML and CSS.
  • Condition Checking.
  • Use of Array.
  • Loop Control.
Use of Session and Cookie These subjects are covered under the broad segment of introduction to HTML, CSS and Dreamweaver applications. PHP functions are the next module that would be part of such a course:
  • Introduction to PHP.
  • PHP Fundamentals
  • Web Application Architecture.
  • Variables and Data Types
  • .
  • Control Structures.
  • Exception Handlingl.
  • Expressions and Operators.
  • Arrays.
  • OOP in PHP.
  • Collections.
  • IO Operations.
  • PHP and MySQL.
  • Form Handling.
  • Session Management.
  • PHP Extension and Application Repository.
  • PHP and Graphics
  • PHP Data Objects or PDO
  • Database MYSQL.
This is another fundamental module that covers the following topics:
  • Fundamentals of MySQL.
  • ClientsMySQL.
  • SQL Expression.
  • Creation of Databases, Tables, Columns, and Indexes.
  • Data Types.
  • Connectivity of Databases.
  • Fetching, inserting, updating and deleting data from the database.
  • Normalization.
  • DML Commands MySQL.
  • Creating Queries in MySQL./
  • Views.
  • Advanced Queries
  • Trigger.
  • Stored Routines
  • .
  • Storage Engines.
AJAX and jQuery module with the following subjects:
  • Introduction to FTP.
  • Introduction to JQuery.
  • Introduction to XML / JSON.
  • JavaScript validation.
  • Introduction to AJAX
  • .
  • 3rd Party JQuery Plug-ins.
Advanced PHP program This kind of PHP training in Chandigarh usually involves all the previous categories and sub-categories and includes additional aspects as well. These are more details of the open source platform for publishing and CMS platform or content management system. These are PHP powered as our web application framework and other websites that are data-driven. Students are given in-depth know-how and expertise to work on frameworks and CMS. As an outcome of advanced PHP training students are equipped to create web applications as well as customized themes. Live project assistance This is a module that becomes an important part of technical PHP training courses. Whether one is pursuing a basic or advanced PHP training, getting live project exposure is an important part of such courses. Most institutes have a dedicated wing for software development or projects that are ongoing and students are assigned here with assignments that help them employ what they have learned along with getting the live experience of scripting with this language. PHP certification programs These are courses that prepare PHP programmers to be able to pass the certification exam in PHP. Those who successfully clear such a course are usually referred to as certified engineers in this field. Such a course usually guides students through major topics and areas as well as provides insight on how to answer exam questions and other important information about the exam. Participants can test their knowledge by taking dummy tests and focused quizzes. PHP course for experienced programmers Such a course helps to build on the understanding that an experienced programmer already has about this scripting language. Such a course contains most of the topics as covered in fundamental and core courses but is covered at an accelerated pace. The hands-on approach is used to hone the coding skills of participants of this course and to update their knowledge and skills about best practices. What to expect? When it comes to choosing PHP training in Chandigarh, find an institute that has a proven track record in providing such specialized training course. Most technical training institutes that have web designing and related IT courses would cover PHP training as well. It is necessary to find out references of such institutes as to the effectiveness of the courses they provide, training mode, class timings and recognition of the certification that they offer. Institutes that back up such courses with a credible certifying authority would have greater weight in such decisions. Students can accordingly choose the level of PHP training they wish to undertake as per their future career requirements or when they wish to update their existing skills. Most institutes have an online presence where one can look up course details before applying.

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